Invest for Happy Retirement
#Retire Early
Assuming an annual return of just 12%, investing Rs. 10,000 per month can help you accumulate a corpus of Rs. 1 Crore in 20 years, which can be utilized to secure your retirement.
We help you resolve some of the main concerns of Indian people about their retired life. Some of them are-

Maintaining a comfortable lifestyle after retirement

Rising healthcare costs and medical expenses

Not having enough savings to cover basic expenses

Financially supporting dependent family members

Retirement is the ultimate reality that happens to a working individual and it should be the most enjoyable phase of one’s life. Effective retirement solution enables an individual to maintain high standards of living even after their work-life. We must understand that future largely depends on the choices that we make today. It is said that retirement solution is never too late, though ideal if you start it at a young age.

Retirement plan starts with understanding current expenses adding to it inflation and projecting future expected expenses assuming no change in life style. This is the time when an individual has to generate enough cash inflow to meet day-to-day expense which were earlier managed by salary.

In India, Modern medicine has increased life expectancy by 47% over the past 50 years (source: UN Population fund report Apr-2019) So the question is: If you live longer than you think, will your Money last long enough?

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